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Welcome to Total Driving

Driver Training Developed by Marcus McCarthy: a DIAmond Advanced Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Also passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) (passed at Grade 1: Gold, Repeatedly)

Previous Mansfield IAM Driver of the Year

BA Honours Health & Community Studies (Sheffield Hallam University)

MA Social Policy & Administration (Nottingham University)

35 Years Driving Instruction Experience


My mission is to expediently provide clients with competitively priced total driving courses whilst promoting a lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving. Welcome to my comprehensive car driver training programme which is designed to ensure learners develop their driving as a life long skill. A driving course needs to set you up for more than simply passing the Driving Standard Agency's (DSA's) driving test. Instruction needs to provide preparation for many years of driving where, at times, you will experience very complicated and testing traffic situations that must be handled skilfully and considerately. Further, driver training is not just important for getting about efficiently and safely but is also useful for the positive development of attitudes to life and learning in general.

With the right approach to driving life will be preserved and expense will be minimised. The advantage of a driving course is that topic areas can be covered systematically and progress monitored more effectively. Problem areas can be easily identified and remedied. This driving course is designed to teach you at a brisk, though comfortable pace, while taking into account your individual needs and abilities. A courteous and understanding approach will be adopted throughout to help you relax and enjoy learning to drive. Your instructor understands that learning to drive best takes place in a stress free environment and will ensure that learning is enjoyable.

When the relevant lesson plans and topic sections have been satisfactorily covered and assessed and your theory passed you will then be encouraged to apply for your practical driving test. There is all the more reason to have structured lessons with the national pass rate average being around 50%. The well organised and easy to understand design of my flexible training programme has helped clients to achieve much better pass rates than the national average.

Pass Rates for the previous 6 years passing first time with Total Driving School are as follows:

    2010 - 83%

    2011 - 90%

    2012 - 70%

    2013 - 74%

    2014 - 100%

    2015 - 80%

    2016 onwards - 70% to 80%