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Welcome to Total Driving

All lessons are structured to make learning easier and to minimise, without 'cutting corners', the number of lessons required to pass your test.

There are a variety of courses from the usual 1 or 2 hour lessons a week to booster and intensive courses dependent on instructor availability.

It is best to keep your lessons consistent, having at least one lesson a week so that previous learning is not forgotten. If you have a significant break you will undoubtedly need to re-look at some lessons already covered. So try to be organised and consistent. 'Staying power' is your best friend. Your instructor will aim to provide training of the highest standards and quality. They will endeavour to be punctual, courteous and professional at all times. If you have any constructive ideas regarding aspects of the functioning of the driving school, or any driving related questions, then please let me know on lessons, by phone or e-mail.


Lesson Prices 2024


Local Beginner’s Offer (for those living within 15 minutes travelling distance):

£35 off an initial double lesson or initial block booking of 10 hours

Otherwise Individual Lesson Prices Are:

1 hour lesson          = £35

1.5 hour lesson     = £52.50

2 hour lesson       = £70

If wanting me to instruct you in your own car it will be £5 less an hour as I save on fuel costs, wear and tear.  This will be whether in a manual or an automatic across my prices.

Block Booking Discounts:

5 hours                   = £170  (£34 per hour)

10 hours                 = £340  (£34 per hour)

20 hours                 = £660  (£33 per hour)

Fast track and intensive courses £40 per hour

(Spread over 1 to 8 weeks as suits client's needs and abilities)

Pass Plus Course: 6 hours total and includes such as motorway and city driving = £240   (£40 an hour)

In your car, manual or automatic, Pass Plus = £180   (£30 an hour)

'Pass Plus' is a short course taken after passing your driving test.  It will improve your driving skills across the board.  It helps drivers to further mature a positive attitude; and can cut insurance premiums significantly as it helps to reduce accidents and associated costs; and also benefits the environment by cutting your carbon footprint.



Late Cancellations

 Late Cancellations: not currently applicable due to the adoption of client centred versatile working practices - just please be considerate.


Please note that because instructors lose out on business and income due to late cancellations it is necessary that you give 48 hours notice, at least 2 days, to avoid a late cancellation fee:

Cancelling the Day Prior to Your Appointment                                                    half lesson price

Same Day Cancellation                                                                                                   full lesson price

Pupils who have block booked must similarly give 48 hours notice.

Block Bookings must be used within 6 months but are part refundable before then taking into account usual rates.


If you find out late that you cannot afford to pay for the lesson, due to unforeseen circumstances, still take the lesson and pay on your following lesson which can be booked a week later if required.  You can call Marcus on 07736 232467, this is essential for late cancellations to make sure 

I know before setting off, otherwise a fee will be incurred: £10 inconvenience + £2 for each 5 minutes of travel time.


Resources Price List


1  *Total Driving: Individualised                                                                                   10.00

2  *The Highway Code                                                                                                          2.50

 *Ask Marcus for details and further information on resources